Welcome to Modish Damsel! I’m sure you are probably wondering what is Modish Damsel?

I’d like to think Modish Damsel is the one everyone envies, aka the “trendy girl”. I created Modish Damsel to showcase my love for fashion. Modish Damsel was created in 2015 as a means to express how I felt about clothing. I started an Etsy shop selling vintage clothing, while also showing customers how to style and pair them with modern-day fashion.

Some background info about me: I went to College at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in business. To say clothing is my passion is an understatement- I absolutely love it, breathe it and dream it. I think black is timeless, and I love anything GOLD!!

In College I would pin picture after picture on Pinterest and stalk every fashion insider on Instagram. I worked in retail, at Aldo Shoes for several years and my need for fashion grew. Thus, creating Modish Damsel. Fast forward a few years, and I’m currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my boyfriend, Mitch and my Frenchie, Winston! While I love fashion, I also have a passion for traveling, and a healthy lifestyle. In the last few years since creating Modish Damsel, I’ve been able to explore my appreciation for traveling, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.

It’s time for me to shift gears and I’m turning what used to be an Etsy shop, into a Blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my love and passion, for all things fashion and Beauty. Check out my recent blog post I think you’ll love it!!!

Talk Soon!!