• My Fall Favorites, Plus A Few Snapshot's Of My Fall Decor

    October 17, 2022

    I Love Love Love Pumpkins and Mums! They are soo pretty in the fall and really make you feel festive!! September to December are my favorite months of the year! From PSL's to Christmas tree's and everything in between, I love all the things! We recently added a fire pit to our porch, so it's been great to sit out there and enjoy the Fall flowers! Below are some snap shots of my patio and front porch decor!

  • What I'm Packing For An Upcoming Trip

    Lifestyle & Travel / May 21, 2022

    Going on a trip anytime soon? Packing can be annoying and hard to plan for. I for one, always dread it. But I found a few travel size essentials to help make packing easier, and all under $50.

  • Perfect Gift's for the Perfect Mom! Mother's Day is approaching, here's a few idea's to help make your Mother's Day Special!

    Lifestyle / April 30, 2022

    What do you get for a Mom who deserves everything? Shopping for Mother's Day gift can be hard.  I complied a bunch of my favorite gifts! Don't let your mother's day gift giving stress you out! First off, I love Anthropologie and I think they have the best gifts for any occasion, especially Mother's Day! Your mom will be sure to love anything from there! I also included a lot of Amazon Finds. These are of course perfect for stress free gift giving and arrive on your door step in two days! Even if you procrastinate you are for sure to have the perfect gift in time!

  • My current favorite Heath & Wellness Powders

    Beauty / February 1, 2021

    Today I wanted to share my experience with Teami Blends. They reached out to me for a collaboration, and I immediately accepted! I’ve heard about this brand for awhile now, so I was super excited to try the products.