Amazon Travel Essentials Under $50

What I’m Packing For An Upcoming Trip

May 21, 2022

Bardot Corset Crop Top l Agolde Dee Vintage High Rise Shorts l Amazon Rhinestone Necklace l Amazon Name Necklace l Amazon Love Bracelet l Amazon Nail Bracelet l

Amazon Gold Watch (everyone thinks this is a Rolex and it’s not! $17, It’s my favorite!)

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Clear Makeup Case l Vanity Planet Travel Mirror l No Shower Body Wipes l Slip Sleep Mist l Neom Sleep Mist l Slip Silk Scrunchie (I live by these, use them everyday) l Toiletry Travel Bag l 10 Pack Zipper Pouch Clear l Tangle Teezer Brush l Travel Steamer l Nippies Nipple Covers l Travel Tray l Quip Electric Toothbrush l Silk Pillowcase

Going on a trip anytime soon? Packing can be annoying and hard to plan for. I for one, always dread it. But I found a few travel size essentials to help make packing easier, and all under $50.

These body wipes are no shower, shower wipes. So, perfect for when you’re just getting off a flight. I know from experience, getting off of a long flight, I always feel like I need shower. But sometimes a shower is not always an option. So traveling with these, will help immensely. At least you can feel a little more refreshed. I also usually bring a change of clothes of at least undies and a top as a refresher!

This toiletry bag is awesome! I got this specifically because I’m trying to pack less and only use travel size products. I’m traveling to Europe in a few weeks, and less is more. I always over pack and got this bag in the hopes of fitting all my toiletry’s inside!

These large clear zipper pouches are great for TSA, and anything smaller you need to pack. You can keep everything organized this way, and you can also see everything clearly. It’s hard to find things in a stuffed suitcase, especially in cramped quarters. I love this clear makeup bag for your carry on also! So chic but also TSA approved!

I absolutely love the Quip toothbrush for traveling. It’s been my go too for some time now. I use an electric toothbrush at home so this is a great less bulky item to travel with. Not to mention an electric toothbrush in the carrying case can be quite heavy. And let’s be honest, we need to save all the weight we can, down to every ounce!! At least I know I’m always really pushing it on the weight limit LOL.

Next is this Travel Mirror. Every time I share it on my stories, I always get questions! It’s the perfect size and can fit in your carry on bag. This tangle teezer brush is so awesome. One of my favorites.

The Neom Sleep Mist and Silk pillow cases are a game changer. I love the mist to help relax after a long day of walking. I’ve also really been making a huge effort to take care of my hair, so these pillowcases are a must!

I also live by the Slip Scrunchies. That’s all I use now except when I’m working out, They are an investment, but when you use them everyday, I think it’s worth it. I’ve tried a few less expensive one’s and I just always gravitate towards these.

I also always bring a travel steamer. In my opinion it’s way easier than using an iron and no creasing. I hate wrinkles, so for me this is a no brainer. My last steamer lasted me a few years and It was time for a new one. So just got this for my up coming trip.

This is the cutest little travel tray. Perfect to put in the bathroom or nightstand. Can put your odds and ends, jewelry in this tray while traveling. Great way to keep tray of small items in a hotel room!

Lastly, these nippie covers are awesome for the summer time. I feel like every style these day’s is backless or cutout dresses. So this is perfect for a little coverage in the bodice area! And they really stay!!!!

I hope these are helpful for any up coming trips! Being prepared and organized is always less stressful when It comes to packing for a trip! Plus who doesn’t love a good amazon find? Am I right?!!!